Another NYCC is in the books.
It was another crazy round trip that left me happily exhausted, bookending my convention experience with no sleep and two of the busiest shifts I’ve ever had at work. But when I finally met up with Phil, Pat, Tony, Michael, Ed and the rest of the Standup Guys it was totally worth it. One of the fun things about any sort of collecting subculture is the people who share your passion and I’m pretty lucky to be surrounded by the nerds that I am. I was even able to bring Julia with me to share the day with me, get her first vinyl toy and introduce her to some of the best folks I know.

It was great catching up with Chris and Pus, meeting our overseas buddies, meeting Paulie from Septic Death (who I’ve been at APP with multiple times it seems, but never knew he was he!) and reveling in a few hours of geekiness. I picked up a few new toys, took pictures of a few others (Devilman Finkshit?) and still marveled at how much people seem to like the NAG.





I haven’t had a chance to take pictures of any of the toys I bought, but here are a few fun ones from the show. Glitter Nagball (didn’t buy) and SkullOrm (did buy). Pus, Julia and I. Mecha-ju thingie (didn’t buy)

I’ll update soon with the haul.

Thanks again Pus, Chris, and the  Standup Guys for a hell of a year!


Hand of Fear

Hand and Foot of Fear

More old mail; in 1987 I received the Pusmort sampler with “Hand of Fear” artwork on the sleeve. I can’t remember now if the “Foot of Fear” sticker came that year or not. The EP has a bit of yellowing and a crease on the sleeve’s opening.

Information on the release from the website follows…..¬† Continue reading

Cleanse the Bacteria

Pushead Sticker

Cleanse the Bacteria

There’s a scene in the 40 Year Old Virgin where Steve Carrell talks about his mint condition toys from childhood; “I got this when I was in second grade. Do you know how hard it is for a kid to not open that?”

I got this sticker in the mail when I was 12 years old. The photo was taken a few weeks ago which makes it almost 24 years old. I have a few left that I never used for their intended purpose, though I regret the hell out of putting that Gastunk Melting Baki sticker on my notebook in sixth grade.