Hey Joe!


It’s rare that I find anything good on eBay anymore, but when I saw this little fella pop up for an incredibly reasonable price, I had to grab him. I think I’m only missing one more Pushead Bearbrick- the 400% 2003 Medicom X Pushead HMV SPIDER EYE GID, and that’s easy enough to find.

SkullOrm: RED Glow!

P1030161The new SkullOrm arrived yesterday from Secret Base Tokyo.
Red Glow marbled with dark green vinyl.
Mine is predominantly green with little bits of pinkish red streaked through but it glows like a beast. I made it to the Container Store a few weeks ago and have a whole bag of new risers to hopefully add much needed space to my Detolf display cases; when my new additions get here in a few days it’ll be time to rearrange.