November has been a really great month so far for collecting; I picked up the Bheeg Boss, a HSP set of Damnedrons, the newest drop from Secret Base and this Captain, the Float. He’s kind of dark, so he photographs weird, but I’ll work on getting better pictures of him when the other new arrivals.. arrive.

Title: “ye Oily pillager zee FLOAT skullcaptain may 2008”
Date Released: 05/2008

Beeg Bhoss

Slowly whittling down the Captains I need.
This one was obtained thanks to my friend and ‘standup guy’ Phil while I was on a roadtrip to DC. He even hand delivered it. Always helps to have nerdy collector friends!

Date Released: 07/12/2012

Siamese Skull Pirate & Captain

Pretty much no photograph I’ve seen of this piece does the in-hand toy justice. The colors (pink and gid on the Pirate and pink and black on the captain) are so bold and dynamic that they just POP.  He’s going to fit in perfectly next to the NYCC Siamese Captain, but now I’m going to have to track down a siamese Pirate to complete the set.

I keep getting conflicting numbers on the production run of this version, which was made as a gift for Lev of Toy Tokyo’s wedding. I keep seeing the words “under 30” but… is is 29? 4? All of those are under 30. I’m sure it’ll eventually work itself out though.

Devilclot Skull Captain

Trying to photograph my newest addition has proven difficult; most of the rooms in my house are painted some shade of orange or yellow, and the Devilclot Skull Captain just sort of blends in.

Every picture I’ve taken of it lacks focus and definition. Maybe I’ll take him outdoors tomorrow and try him with natural lighting in a orange-free environment!