Birdcatcher windups

Last year while chasing down variants of the mechaterror windups, I knocked off two bird(catcher)s with one stone; getting the gold variation Birdcatcher and the Dayglo DORORON ENMAKUN windups in one Pushead lot on eBay.

Both where released at Superfestival 24.

I have all of the regular releases now (plus an accidentally purchased bootleg) of the Mechaterrors, plus a few hand spray paints. Nice and Smooth.

Here comes Sanda

I spend more time complaining about how crappy my photos are on this blog than I do talking about Pushead. Today is no exception. I just got my Swamp GID Sanda Kuwait print back from the framers, put it up on the wall and started snapping pictures. Each one came out progressively grainier, progressively blurrier.

So. I’ve picked the best two of the bad pics that I took and included them with today’s update. I’ve finally found my leica charger, so better pics will come as time permits.

Superfestival Mechaterror!

I’ve been looking for this one for quite a while; and after having sworn off any new toys until after December saw him on eBay. My hands were tied. Despite making a promise to myself to take a toy sabbatical I had to bid. This Mecha was the last remaining gap in my windup collection’s completion. I put in an offer and was thrilled that it was accepted.

It arrived today and was removed from it’s packaging shortly after this picture was taken. It’s now happily in the case with the other windups. Family portrait coming soon.

Oh and if any of you guys are bidding on a Stumpy GID on eBay right now… be cautious. The picture was taken from this blog without permission, so who knows what the condition of the figure is.

Happy New Year everyone, and as always, thanks for looking!

Sanda Kuwait Mecha

Sitting rolled up in my closet is a Swamp Sanda Kuwait print. It glows. Per usual with Pushead prints, it’s a nonstandard size so I have to have it framed. In the meantime….. bigger pictures! I’ve been embedding the images at a smaller size, since they can be blown up. But I’m liking the bigger inline images, as well as tagged photos (since I’ve seen my images on sale items on tumblr) so change isn’t a bad thing!