Odds and Ends



Since I’m updating, here’s a detail shot of two of my three cases.
I rearrange things every now and then; this is the current iteration. And below- I managed to snag the alternate color of the Salvation Pirate a week or so after release, just never managed to get a good picture of it- so here’s a blurry shot till I get something better.


Ye Trip Dey Glo


Heya fellow Pus-nerds and collectors.
I’ve been kind of quiet lately, saving for SDCC, only buying new items when they were too sweet to pass up, like this new Stumpy Day Glo Pirate that was released in Japan. This guy came to me via the help of a Standup Guy (with another Standup Guy also watching my back) and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Marbled orange hues with a pink eyepatch and salmon britches.

Next month is SDCC and you can be sure that I’ll post everything that I can!

Zees rollin en wabbleen dis SIAMESEWERM

Happy Halloween everyone!
USPS woke my up early to deliver my Siamesewerm. Talk about a great Halloween treat!
I lucked out getting this fella from Secret Base thankfully- flippers have hit the secondary market pretty hard already with prices near $500 which takes it out of the reach of most collectors. Real amazing marbling in this pour. I’m still not sold on marbling (give me a FHP and I’m happy) but they’re growing on me.

Glow in the Dark Skull Pirate

While I was in NYC hanging out with my toy collecting friends, this fellow was being delivered by USPS to my house back in Philadelphia. I’ve coveted this guy for a while, but until now he had eluded me. I had tried to not buy anything new in preparation for the con, but when he came around complete with Jack o’ Lantern for a great price, I couldn’t resist.

With my NYCC purchases and this guy, I need to start rethinking the layout in my newest display case. A trip to the container store is in order to pick up some risers, but very soon I’m going to have to think about another case. These things multiply quickly.

NYCC 2011

I want to sit down and write a full update about this year’s NYCC Pushead event, but for now, a few pics will have to do. The event was super fun; really great spending time with Tony, Phil, Bridgette, eating Joe’s Bánh mì, hating on people, talking about SVU, securing a slutty Princess Leia, swapping Pushead stories…. all leading up to Chris handing me my ticket (lucky #6!) and finally getting another opportunity to shoot the breeze with Pushead.

And buy a handpaint!

Such a damn fun day.

Hopefully I’ll be more wordy later!