Would it be weird to say that I bought a EP from a band I’ve never heard of just to get art of a big ol’ booty by Pushead?

If so… consider me weird.

It’s been ages since I picked up anything new, so when I saw this EP from the Band Pitchblende on an auction site I picked it up. Signed/numbered by Pushead and comfortably priced (though another copy went up around the same time for 3x the price… not sure if there are multiple versions or what) so I pulled the trigger.

So yeah.

Pushead + big booty. It quelled the collector’s drive a bit, but I’m already looking forward to some new vinyl!


Stompede s/n: 114 Pusfan edition

While searching for a Mechaterror windup, I came across a Pushead lot sale- two windups, a few 45s and a few CDs. The price was less than I had previously seen the solo windup for, so I put a maximum bid I felt comfortable with on it and let fate decide.

I got the Mechaterror I wanted, and a bunch extras that included this Pusfan edition of a STOMPEDE 45.

It has a small s/n insert inside. Great pickup!


Rorschach: Protestant

You know you have an addiction when you get into a bidding war on an auction site for an album released by a band you’ve never heard of…. and you don’t even own a record player. I loved the artwork on the sleeve (Protestant by Rorschach) but the deal sealer was the signed print inside. The little print is in line to be framed right after the GID Swamp Sanda Kuwait print that’s still in it’s shipping tube.

Rorschach Print

Hand of Fear

Hand and Foot of Fear

More old mail; in 1987 I received the Pusmort sampler with “Hand of Fear” artwork on the sleeve. I can’t remember now if the “Foot of Fear” sticker came that year or not. The EP has a bit of yellowing and a crease on the sleeve’s opening.

Information on the release from the Pusfan.com website follows…..  Continue reading