Devil Man

1469794_10202423445654951_1483947252_nNew Devilman!
This fella came as part of a three pack, the ‘Artist’s Series’ that also came with a Rockin’ Jellybean and Bounty X Hunter Devilman. He’s also the first one that I’ve gotten that can stand on it’s own. Nice little holiday surprise.

New skullOrm!



Just got this gentleman in the mail the other day. Lately I’ve been just terrible at taking pictures, so you can’t really get the full effect of the marble color combo, but I really dig it.

oh ryse frahm de blaastbeet trahjedee aht seeeeea ze ghreyt skullORM!
Released 30th November.
Secret Base, Japan.
Dark blue & light violet.

Odds and Ends



Since I’m updating, here’s a detail shot of two of my three cases.
I rearrange things every now and then; this is the current iteration. And below- I managed to snag the alternate color of the Salvation Pirate a week or so after release, just never managed to get a good picture of it- so here’s a blurry shot till I get something better.


Standup Guys: Customs by Hellopike

8331269463_e4b44ef99c_kMy buddy Phil is a standup guy.
One of the nicest folks I’ve met in the toy collecting game (Along with Pat, Ed, Michael, Mikee, Tony) who also happens to be a really talented customizer/painter and who occasionally does his magic on Pushead toys…. I’m going to take a break from my standard MY Pushead Addiction content- pieces that I own- and feature a few of his kickass custom jobs. Some of these have been sold, others are still available. Best way to know for sure if something is for sale is to swing by his webstore and check out the goods!



Siamese GID Pirate

Holy Moley!
It’s been months since I’ve updated the MPA blog.
Not much new to report since the last update; spring and summer don’t really seem to be good seasons for Pushead collecting; folks seem to take a break from selling. No idea why. That said, the GID Siamese Pirate was offered to me recently, and I jumped on it. It arrived safely at 9:28 in the morning. I couldn’t find pants to answer the door, so I put on swim trunks. My postman has seen worse. Much worse.