BE@RBRICK Series 28

10532463_10204012812628132_8640562625410254014_nNewest addition!
Bearbrick series 28 blind box surprise. 1/191.

Hey Joe!


It’s rare that I find anything good on eBay anymore, but when I saw this little fella pop up for an incredibly reasonable price, I had to grab him. I think I’m only missing one more Pushead Bearbrick- the 400% 2003 Medicom X Pushead HMV SPIDER EYE GID, and that’s easy enough to find.

Three Amigos- Pushead Bearbricks

Pushead Bearbricks

Been a while since I’ve updated; real life and far too many other blogs that I also neglect sometimes impede keeping things up to date.

I pulled a few Bearbricks out of the display case and lined them up. There are a few more I need to get, and a few more that I have that aren’t in the picture, but these guys are my favorites.