I’m heading out to San Diego Friday morning for this year’s San Diego Comic Con!
I’m only going to be attending on Sunday for the Pus event but I’ll be in town if anyone wants to meet up, talk toys, tattoos, whatever!
My email address is shawn.porter23 at gmail dot com- all emails will go straight to my phone. I didn’t make a lot of plans for the weekend, so let’s have some adventures!

Saturday I’m thinking about hitting up the Honkykong show… otherwise totally up for fun.


Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 8.03.13 PM


Stompede s/n: 114 Pusfan edition

While searching for a Mechaterror windup, I came across a Pushead lot sale- two windups, a few 45s and a few CDs. The price was less than I had previously seen the solo windup for, so I put a maximum bid I felt comfortable with on it and let fate decide.

I got the Mechaterror I wanted, and a bunch extras that included this Pusfan edition of a STOMPEDE 45.

It has a small s/n insert inside. Great pickup!