The yellow Damaged XXX Shifter arrived recently to keep the blue SDCC one company.
When I was young, I’d always buy Metallica 45s for the Pushead cover art; never owned a record player and didn’t really listen to the band but I’d always keep my eyes out for a new single.

That’s still the case. Not really a fan of the music, but damned glad that they keep making fun Pushead stuff.



I admit I’ve been pretty terrible with keeping blogs updated.
Occult Vibrations, Sacred Debris, Scarwars, Modblog, My Pushead Addiction as well as clandestinely making print/cut/paste ‘zines and you have a backlog that’s bigger than my free time allows me to work on. But I’ve stolen a few minutes to put up a photo of my haul from SDCC2013.

This was my first San Diego Comic Con Pus event and man.. I see what all the hype was about!
I got to be in line with some really rad standup guys, talk toys and life and be there for the reveal of the new Pushead sculpt- the Skull Hevi!

I’ll try to get the whole kit and kaboodle up at some point, but…

Nag ball, Damaged XXX shifter and GID Cococroc to hold you over!

Nag Ball has a… secret. I found it the first night it was in my display case.
Blue Damaged XXX was available only to Pushead collectors at SDCC.
CocoCroc GID was super limited as well!

Metallica Converse

Metallica Converse

With eBay flooded with bootleg Pushead “bruised” Nikes, and the real deals going for more than I would pay, I figured I’d never own a snazzy pair of Pushead shoes. By the time I saw these All Stars, it was already too late. Prices were already verging on double retail by the time I started searching for them; but a chance visit to a Chestnut Street shoe store found them $20 OFF retail and in my size!