Skull Hevi Triplets



One of the best parts of SDCC for me was the ‘reveal’ of the Skull Hevi proto.
We’ve been waiting for a new sculpt and this certainly didn’t disappoint. The arms are going to be changed in the final version from what I hear. So exciting.

Marbled GID (SDCC), Purple and Gold Glitter (SDCC)



Would it be weird to say that I bought a EP from a band I’ve never heard of just to get art of a big ol’ booty by Pushead?

If so… consider me weird.

It’s been ages since I picked up anything new, so when I saw this EP from the Band Pitchblende on an auction site I picked it up. Signed/numbered by Pushead and comfortably priced (though another copy went up around the same time for 3x the price… not sure if there are multiple versions or what) so I pulled the trigger.

So yeah.

Pushead + big booty. It quelled the collector’s drive a bit, but I’m already looking forward to some new vinyl!


I’ve been a bit behind on life lately. Pretty much the only blog updating I get around to doing is over on OV.. but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been snagging the occasional new toy; like this HSP Damnedron that I got a few weeks ago.

I hate to sound like a big flaming dork, but there’s something freakin cool about knowing the toy you have in your hand was handpainted by someone that you really respect…

NYCC 2011

I want to sit down and write a full update about this year’s NYCC Pushead event, but for now, a few pics will have to do. The event was super fun; really great spending time with Tony, Phil, Bridgette, eating Joe’s Bánh mì, hating on people, talking about SVU, securing a slutty Princess Leia, swapping Pushead stories…. all leading up to Chris handing me my ticket (lucky #6!) and finally getting another opportunity to shoot the breeze with Pushead.

And buy a handpaint!

Such a damn fun day.

Hopefully I’ll be more wordy later!

Positraction in Monochrome

Wow. No new Pushead purchases since the HPFlocked Wing in July?
It’s been a nice slow period lately, which is a good thing because Pushead collecting isn’t always kind on my wallet. I’ve been trying to be more responsible with purchases lately, but when this guy came along, I had to act.

Limited to 300, this black and white version of the Cocobat Positraction Tin car was an exclusive to Warp Magazine. Oddly, I picked it up for LESS than the color version is going for, and it’s in mint condition. The box is the same, save for a small sticker denoting that it’s the B&W version.

I’m still on collecting pause; my next purchase will be at NYCC unless another ‘can’t miss this’ drops into my hands… in which case… I can eat fruity pebbles for dinner, right?