I’ve been a bit behind on life lately. Pretty much the only blog updating I get around to doing is over on OV.. but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been snagging the occasional new toy; like this HSP Damnedron that I got a few weeks ago.

I hate to sound like a big flaming dork, but there’s something freakin cool about knowing the toy you have in your hand was handpainted by someone that you really respect…



Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water….. Here there be Pirates.

Tonight has been a very topsy-turvy, emotional night. I needed something to take my mind off of things; movies and reading occupied a few hours but I still found my mind wandering back to melancholy. I cruised over to my gmail and found that I had an offer to pick up another HSP. The price was more than fair and I had a bit of cash saved back in my toy budget, so… I picked this guy up.

With apologies to my other HSPs… this one is gorgeous. Thanks to it’s current owner for the hookup. When it arrives next week I’ll take more pics of it with it’s HSP brothers.


HSP 2 has landed!

The first knock on the door this morning was the USPS.
I flew out of bed, attempted to dress and hustled down the stairs to be handed a flat package. Media mail.
Not the Black Unknown HSP. I headed back to bed leaving the package at the foot of the bed.

The second knock on the door, with the addition of a few short zaps of the doorbell, was UPS. Since I’ve been habitually clicking refresh on the USPS tracking page for the last 48 hours, I couldn’t figure out why UPS was at my door. Turns out that my rennet & citric acid had arrived (which means you can expect an update on Modified Ingredients soon; I’m making mozzarella cheese!) earlier than expected.

Still no Black Unknown, but at least I was awake now. I opened up the first package to find the Skeletal Book (which will be tomorrow’s update) Swamp Version. I flipped through it soaking in all the stipply, skully goodness.

Finally… the doorbell rang one last time. I swooped down the stairs faster than a cheetah on meth to get to the door before the postman was kidnapped/robbed. He handed the box over and within seconds I had ripped it open and unbubblewrapped HSP #2.

Gorgeous. The picture I had seen didn’t do it justice. In-hand it’s amazing. Golds, greens and mauves. It’s a perfect compliment to my other recently snagged HSP.

Thanks again AyeJay for a solid hookup.

Grail again? Another HSP!

Another cellphone photo of a great toy?

Yup. Thankfully this is a toy blog and not a photo blog. When I get this little fella in hand, I’ll make sure to snap better pictures of him. (and I apologize for talking about a toy like it’s a kid. Or a puppy.)

I just scored a second BLACK UNKNOWN HSP Pirate. It’s being shipped out Monday, so you guys can expect my normal panicked “I just refreshed the UPS tracking page” updates as it heads from California to Philly.

Big ups to AJ for a solid hookup.

Black Unknown HSP Skull Pirate

I rolled over out of a sound sleep this morning and groggily opened the USPS app on my iPhone.
With just over 3 hours of sleep and my first thought was to check the status of my new HSP. “Out for delivery”. I couldn’t sleep soundly knowing that my new baby was in the city. Every noise I heard outside could have been the post office, delivering the Black Unknown HSP.

Finally…. at 1:09pm, it arrived.

Chuck meticulously wrapped it, so undoing layers of bubble wrap only led to the excitement. When I finally got him out of his protective bonds I had a little geek moment. The Pirate was everything I needed him to be. Seriously Chuck, thanks again for the hookup.

Lighting wasn’t cooperating with me when it came to taking pictures, but I managed to get a few. More as lighting permits.

Grail- Hand Spray Paint Skull Pirate

I’ve added a few new pieces to the collection this month (Newton, Desert Gold and Rusty Skull Pirates; updates soon) so I decided to lay off of new purchases for a bit. Then Chuck had to go and roll out a Hand Spray Paint. As I told him…. goddamn the pusherman.

So this fella is making it’s way from Sacramento to Philly as we speak. I’ve plugged the tracking number into my iPhone postal app so I can obsessively stalk it, but in the meantime I’ve taken the liberty of stealing Chuck’s picture of my new addition.