Here comes Sanda

I spend more time complaining about how crappy my photos are on this blog than I do talking about Pushead. Today is no exception. I just got my Swamp GID Sanda Kuwait print back from the framers, put it up on the wall and started snapping pictures. Each one came out progressively grainier, progressively blurrier.

So. I’ve picked the best two of the bad pics that I took and included them with today’s update. I’ve finally found my leica charger, so better pics will come as time permits.

Jar of Pus Print

Jar of Pus Print- Detail

I bought this print back in 2006 but didn’t get around to framing it until early 2010. (as expensive a habit as Pushead collecting is, custom framing is a luxury)

Pushead prints tend to come in non-standard sizes. This one (from SWAMP) is 14.75″x19.25″ with a run of 311┬áSigned/Numbered Edition prints.