Lot of Lots

Occasionally, I bid on things on auction sites knowing I’m not going to win them. It’s fun. You get that little retail therapy thrill without actually having to spend money. The other day… I accidentally won a Pushead lot that I didn’t intent to win.

But man it was worth it!

Three skateboard decks:
Conspiracy Orange Alien
John Gibson Gringo Zorlac reprint
Conspiracy Punker. (I’m making up these names since I don’t know what the official names are)

A Sanda Kuwait Print (#30. I already have a framed one)
the Mountain Dew Genie headphones (I already have a pair MIB)
Sparrow Book 1st printing (again….already own)

Lastly, there were a bunch of old Pushead Fanclub mailings. Really fun stuff from when the FC was super active. Holiday cards, letters…. such good stuff.

Possessed to Skate

Conspiracy Decks

Like I said in the intro, I got into Pushead’s art because of skateboarding. I was lucky enough to be friends with the local skateshop owner, and was able to pick up the Zorlac decks with Pushead art at wholesale. Over the years I built up an impressive collection of unused decks.

This is the part of the story where you smack your forehead; when I moved from Florida to PA, I left the decks at my folk’s house. Like so many Star Wars toy collections before them, my skateboards were purged when my Mom needed extra space. I should have known what was up when she called and asked if I still skated.

For the sake of not giving myself an aneurism, I won’t list the decks I had…

There’s no way to rebuild the collection I had, but I still pick up a deck from time to time.