I admit I’ve been pretty terrible with keeping blogs updated.
Occult Vibrations, Sacred Debris, Scarwars, Modblog, My Pushead Addiction as well as clandestinely making print/cut/paste ‘zines and you have a backlog that’s bigger than my free time allows me to work on. But I’ve stolen a few minutes to put up a photo of my haul from SDCC2013.

This was my first San Diego Comic Con Pus event and man.. I see what all the hype was about!
I got to be in line with some really rad standup guys, talk toys and life and be there for the reveal of the new Pushead sculpt- the Skull Hevi!

I’ll try to get the whole kit and kaboodle up at some point, but…

Nag ball, Damaged XXX shifter and GID Cococroc to hold you over!

Nag Ball has a… secret. I found it the first night it was in my display case.
Blue Damaged XXX was available only to Pushead collectors at SDCC.
CocoCroc GID was super limited as well!

Positraction in Monochrome

Wow. No new Pushead purchases since the HPFlocked Wing in July?
It’s been a nice slow period lately, which is a good thing because Pushead collecting isn’t always kind on my wallet. I’ve been trying to be more responsible with purchases lately, but when this guy came along, I had to act.

Limited to 300, this black and white version of the Cocobat Positraction Tin car was an exclusive to Warp Magazine. Oddly, I picked it up for LESS than the color version is going for, and it’s in mint condition. The box is the same, save for a small sticker denoting that it’s the B&W version.

I’m still on collecting pause; my next purchase will be at NYCC unless another ‘can’t miss this’ drops into my hands… in which case… I can eat fruity pebbles for dinner, right?


The May/June 2000 Issue of Juxtapoz featured a Pushead cover/article by CR Stecyk III.

The eight page article gives a basic rundown of Pushead’s early years and features color and b&w art; all stuff that you’ve seen before/since but a nice little primer for folks who may not be familiar with Pus’s bio.

“One night, Rick Griffin and Stanley Mouse came by my house and made the request to take a look at my originals. When I pulled them out, the were in excited shock. I was dumbfounded by this and asked them why. They explained to me that they were surprised tat there was no white out/white paint on any of them. I told them that when I saw artwork like theirs, I saw how it was reproduced, not how it originated.
And that I taught myself to draw it like that. If I ever made a mistake, I would start all over just to retain that look”- Pushead.

More Cococroc

The last photo I posted of the Cococroc wasn’t that great. Sure, it documented the toy but it didn’t look cool. And looking cool is is pretty important. So I grabbed the iPhone and fired up Hipstamatic and took some new photos of him. Such a great sculpt.

This also came in a glow in the dark version, but I’ve given up all hope of finding one. You never know though!

Cocobat Posi-Traction Tin Car

Posi-traction COCOBAT Tin Car

When I picked up my first Mecha-terror windup at NYC’s Toy Tokyo, the Cocobat Posi-traction car was already a “glass case” item. I didn’t know much about “designer toys” then; I’ll readily admit I was looking at McFarlane toys and happened upon the windups…. so I got a case of sticker shock at the price and didn’t pick it up.

Much to my regret. I finally got this one through a Pushead fan who was selling off his collection; a decent price but easily double what I could have bought it for back when I first saw it.



After the Kaws X Pushead Companion, the Cocobat Cococroc was probably my #1 desired piece. I posted around looking for it and was told time and again that it was a “grail piece”- something I’d likely search far and wide for but never find. Just before Christmas 2009 I located one (without any packaging) and was lucky enough to request it in time.