Odds and Ends



Since I’m updating, here’s a detail shot of two of my three cases.
I rearrange things every now and then; this is the current iteration. And below- I managed to snag the alternate color of the Salvation Pirate a week or so after release, just never managed to get a good picture of it- so here’s a blurry shot till I get something better.


52 Weeks Salvation Pirate



This one slipped by me; totally forgot to update when I received it. Perfect Valentine’s Day present to myself; The 52 Weeks Salvation Pirate. It’s a mashup of a Skull Pirate and Usugrow’s Salvation Ink. Opaque red vinyl and clear blue vinyl  (with silver glitter) marbled. The eyepatch and tamps are metallic silver.

It came with a screenprinted ‘eco bag’.