Metallica Converse

Metallica Converse

With eBay flooded with bootleg Pushead “bruised” Nikes, and the real deals going for more than I would pay, I figured I’d never own a snazzy pair of Pushead shoes. By the time I saw these All Stars, it was already too late. Prices were already verging on double retail by the time I started searching for them; but a chance visit to a Chestnut Street shoe store found them $20 OFF retail and in my size!


Skull Captain T-shirt from FIFTY24SF

Skull Captain Tshirt

Wearable Pushead? As a collector-at-heart, it’s difficult for me to wear a Pushead shirt. The impulse is to buy one/wear one, so that one always stays “mint”. With all the care I put into preserving things, washing a shirt, risking stains, the print cracking… it’s antithetical to my nerdish tendencies. But I’m attempting to control myself and have only bought one of these amazing Skull Captain shirts from FIFTY24SF.