Standup Guys: Astropirate Custom by Hellopike

406158_10200180046371371_617372125_nMore Hellopike?
Why the heck not. I’ve been wanting a new custom by Phil for a while now; just had to wait to collect the parts. This Astropirate used to be a Rainy Day Pirate (body) and Rainy Day Skullwing (head) with the arm from a Clear Pirate/Captain thrown in to give him something to drink. The only direction I gave him was ‘spanish yellow’. The rest was all him. I can’t wait to get this gentleman home and put him with the rest of the crew!



Standup Guys: Customs by Hellopike

8331269463_e4b44ef99c_kMy buddy Phil is a standup guy.
One of the nicest folks I’ve met in the toy collecting game (Along with Pat, Ed, Michael, Mikee, Tony) who also happens to be a really talented customizer/painter and who occasionally does his magic on Pushead toys…. I’m going to take a break from my standard MY Pushead Addiction content- pieces that I own- and feature a few of his kickass custom jobs. Some of these have been sold, others are still available. Best way to know for sure if something is for sale is to swing by his webstore and check out the goods!



NYCC 2012 Recap

Such a good time at this year’s NYCC/Pushead event. What’s normally a very chaotic day for me ended up being very laid back this year. My brother hooked up a day off for me so I could take it nice and easy in NYC and enjoy the event without all of the rushing and schedules and deadlines. It made for a much different experience, not having to rush.

I met up with my buddy Patrick at the Megabus drop off. He was coming in from Boston and by chance his bus ended up getting in a few minutes after mine, so we ended up heading to the Javitz center together. I was glad to have someone to help me navigate the convention with; every year NYCC gets bigger and more chaotic and even finding the right entrance this year was confusing. Patrick had written a list of booth numbers/drop times, so having a grownup with me helped keep things a little more organized.

Once we got back to the section of the con where they jammed all the toy booths (the vinyl ghetto) we started running into folks we knew. Michael and Christine (who I had met in Philly) and Mikee from New Mexico; the folks kept coming and before I knew it, it was time to walk to the Toy Tokyo booth to get our numbers for the event.

Last year I was lucky #6 and secured a handpaint (my first directly from Pus) so this year I went into the event with no expectations. High or low I was prepared to have a dang good time. When Chris handed me my number and I looked down and saw #1… wow. Total nerd gold right there. I tried to keep pretty chill, but man I was freaking out inside. First crack at all of the Pushead goodness! By that point Phil and Bridget had shown up and I was able to share the news with them. The only thing missing was Tony- he had to sit it out this year which sucked, but he was there with us in spirit.

Before I knew it the crowd had started to form and we all started finding our place in line. I got a chance to shoot the breeze with Ed- I knew him from Skullbrain but this was the first time we had gotten a chance to talk. Really nice dude- along with Patrick it’s more motivation to get my ass up for a Boston visit. Before I knew it… It was time.

Walked back behind the black curtain, and saw Pus and Chris waiting with a whole bunch of awesome on display. It was hard to pick; there was so many amazing pieces that I was glad that they told me to take my time. I finally made my choice and shot the breeze with Pus for a minute or two. I can’t really express how much I appreciated the first spot; it’ll be right up there in my ‘best day ever’ queue for quite some time.

I headed back to the lineup and waited for my friends to return with their spoils; we had promised Pus that we wouldn’t show our scores until everyone had made it through; no spoilers. But wouldn’t you know it- Toy Tokyo was Instagramming from behind the curtain! Folks in line saw what was back there. So everyone was getting extra geeked about what would be left.

I really enjoyed not having to rush off; being able to chat and be around a bunch of folks who ‘got’ it; I’ll be trying to be more social with my toy buddies in the next few months. Totally made my day.

Thanks to everyone who made it a heck of a Con!

NYCC 2011

I want to sit down and write a full update about this year’s NYCC Pushead event, but for now, a few pics will have to do. The event was super fun; really great spending time with Tony, Phil, Bridgette, eating Joe’s Bánh mì, hating on people, talking about SVU, securing a slutty Princess Leia, swapping Pushead stories…. all leading up to Chris handing me my ticket (lucky #6!) and finally getting another opportunity to shoot the breeze with Pushead.

And buy a handpaint!

Such a damn fun day.

Hopefully I’ll be more wordy later!

Hellopike- Custom Skullwing

My collection is severely lacking in Skullwings; with even less custom painted pieces.
I was able to remedy that tonight by finally scoring a custom painted SW by Philly’s own HelloPike. If you scroll through my links section you’ll see a link to his custom sale site Lunatic Fringe. All of his custom work is great, but his Skullwings are always top notch.

We’re going to meet up tomorrow for the sale, then this guy pictured above (shamelessly stolen from Phil’s site) will be a part of my collection.