Birdcatcher windups

Last year while chasing down variants of the mechaterror windups, I knocked off two bird(catcher)s with one stone; getting the gold variation Birdcatcher and the Dayglo DORORON ENMAKUN windups in one Pushead lot on eBay.

Both where released at Superfestival 24.

I have all of the regular releases now (plus an accidentally purchased bootleg) of the Mechaterrors, plus a few hand spray paints. Nice and Smooth.

Mechaterrors- Dororon Enmakun & Devil Man

I bought my first Mecha Terror windup at NYC’s Toy Tokyo shortly after moving to Philadelphia. I wasn’t really aware of the vinyl toy scene at the time; just wandered in after getting sushi and saw the Pushead BIRDCATCHER Mecha Terror windup. $9.99 later and it was mine. I left it in the package for years for no particular reason, all the while adding more of the series to my collection.

I’ve since added all of the basic colors, all but one of the variants (still need the Superfestival 20 Version Devil Man) and a few hand paints.