Skull Hevi Triplets



One of the best parts of SDCC for me was the ‘reveal’ of the Skull Hevi proto.
We’ve been waiting for a new sculpt and this certainly didn’t disappoint. The arms are going to be changed in the final version from what I hear. So exciting.

Marbled GID (SDCC), Purple and Gold Glitter (SDCC)




I admit I’ve been pretty terrible with keeping blogs updated.
Occult Vibrations, Sacred Debris, Scarwars, Modblog, My Pushead Addiction as well as clandestinely making print/cut/paste ‘zines and you have a backlog that’s bigger than my free time allows me to work on. But I’ve stolen a few minutes to put up a photo of my haul from SDCC2013.

This was my first San Diego Comic Con Pus event and man.. I see what all the hype was about!
I got to be in line with some really rad standup guys, talk toys and life and be there for the reveal of the new Pushead sculpt- the Skull Hevi!

I’ll try to get the whole kit and kaboodle up at some point, but…

Nag ball, Damaged XXX shifter and GID Cococroc to hold you over!

Nag Ball has a… secret. I found it the first night it was in my display case.
Blue Damaged XXX was available only to Pushead collectors at SDCC.
CocoCroc GID was super limited as well!



I’m heading out to San Diego Friday morning for this year’s San Diego Comic Con!
I’m only going to be attending on Sunday for the Pus event but I’ll be in town if anyone wants to meet up, talk toys, tattoos, whatever!
My email address is shawn.porter23 at gmail dot com- all emails will go straight to my phone. I didn’t make a lot of plans for the weekend, so let’s have some adventures!

Saturday I’m thinking about hitting up the Honkykong show… otherwise totally up for fun.


Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 8.03.13 PM

Grail again? Another HSP!

Another cellphone photo of a great toy?

Yup. Thankfully this is a toy blog and not a photo blog. When I get this little fella in hand, I’ll make sure to snap better pictures of him. (and I apologize for talking about a toy like it’s a kid. Or a puppy.)

I just scored a second BLACK UNKNOWN HSP Pirate. It’s being shipped out Monday, so you guys can expect my normal panicked “I just refreshed the UPS tracking page” updates as it heads from California to Philly.

Big ups to AJ for a solid hookup.

Ye Golden Swig & Rusty

Today was a good mail day for the collection; a signed issue of LTD magazine with Pushead cover/article showed up in the post along with the SDCC Rusty Skull Pirate. Two shipments sent a week apart from the same seller that arrived on the same day. I try not to figure out anything postal; it ends in frustration and confusion.

But it all worked out in the end.

I snapped a quick picture of Rusty with Ye Golden Swig. If memory serves, Rusty was released inĀ 2007 at the SDCC.


In the mid to late 1980s, I was a skater. My small town didn’t really know what to do with skaters, so they let us skate unrestricted as long as we didn’t cause too much trouble. Encouraged by the growing numbers of skaterboarders, our local newsstand started carrying TWS and Thrasher magazine.

Transworld seemed over-polished; a fashion magazine with skaters instead of models. But Thrasher…. man Thrasher made skating cool.

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