Siamese GID Pirate

Holy Moley!
It’s been months since I’ve updated the MPA blog.
Not much new to report since the last update; spring and summer don’t really seem to be good seasons for Pushead collecting; folks seem to take a break from selling. No idea why. That said, the GID Siamese Pirate was offered to me recently, and I jumped on it. It arrived safely at 9:28 in the morning. I couldn’t find pants to answer the door, so I put on swim trunks. My postman has seen worse. Much worse.

Siamese Skull Pirate & Captain

Pretty much no photograph I’ve seen of this piece does the in-hand toy justice. The colors (pink and gid on the Pirate and pink and black on the captain) are so bold and dynamic that they just POP. ┬áHe’s going to fit in perfectly next to the NYCC Siamese Captain, but now I’m going to have to track down a siamese Pirate to complete the set.

I keep getting conflicting numbers on the production run of this version, which was made as a gift for Lev of Toy Tokyo’s wedding. I keep seeing the words “under 30” but… is is 29? 4? All of those are under 30. I’m sure it’ll eventually work itself out though.

Devilclot Skull Captain

Trying to photograph my newest addition has proven difficult; most of the rooms in my house are painted some shade of orange or yellow, and the Devilclot Skull Captain just sort of blends in.

Every picture I’ve taken of it lacks focus and definition. Maybe I’ll take him outdoors tomorrow and try him with natural lighting in a orange-free environment!



Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water….. Here there be Pirates.

Tonight has been a very topsy-turvy, emotional night. I needed something to take my mind off of things; movies and reading occupied a few hours but I still found my mind wandering back to melancholy. I cruised over to my gmail and found that I had an offer to pick up another HSP. The price was more than fair and I had a bit of cash saved back in my toy budget, so… I picked this guy up.

With apologies to my other HSPs… this one is gorgeous. Thanks to it’s current owner for the hookup. When it arrives next week I’ll take more pics of it with it’s HSP brothers.


Long time no post

Things have been quiet on the Pushead front lately.

The holidays were amazing for my collection, but the wells have been drying up and interesting/rare items have been few and far between lately. The SB forums, the ‘bay…. nothing unmissable coming around.

The only update I could think of is that I picked up my NYCC Weekend pass on the HOPE that Pushead will be doing a signing again this year. If not…. anyone need tickets?

I have some better quality pics of the HSPs to post as time permits. Otherwise…. thanks for looking!

It came from the sea Skull Pirate

The “It Came from the Sea” Skull Pirate is one of those toys that just didn’t grab me until I saw it in person. And much like the Secret Base fan club version- I knew I’d eventually have to pick one up.

It arrived in the mail today. Such great factory paint on it, along with a Pushead signature in gold ink on the back. Generally I’m not a fan of signed toys, but we take what we can get. ┬áCame with bandana, sticker, pin and tag.

If memory serves this was the SDCC FHP for 2006.