Real Skateboards Oval Remix 06 Deck

Getting Pushead stuff usually means dealing with the USPS. I’ve stated before that they’re my nemesis; today reminded me of why. After waiting in line for almost an hour to pick up two packages (both Pushead goodies) I was told that one is lost. They took my number and promise to call me when/if they find it. Very frustrating.

Since I try to keep a PMA, I’ll at least be thankful that they had one of the two; a REAL Skateboards Pus deck that I just picked up a few days ago. The thing is a beaut, mint condition (it was still shrink-wrapped) and will go well with my other decks. I guess I’ll keep up hope that the other package turns up!




ManufacturerReal Skateboards

Edition Details

Year: 2006
Class: Skate Deck
Status: Official
Run: 500
Size: 7.5 X 31.4
Markings: Numbered

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