HSP 2 has landed!

The first knock on the door this morning was the USPS.
I flew out of bed, attempted to dress and hustled down the stairs to be handed a flat package. Media mail.
Not the Black Unknown HSP. I headed back to bed leaving the package at the foot of the bed.

The second knock on the door, with the addition of a few short zaps of the doorbell, was UPS. Since I’ve been habitually clicking refresh on the USPS tracking page for the last 48 hours, I couldn’t figure out why UPS was at my door. Turns out that my rennet & citric acid had arrived (which means you can expect an update on Modified Ingredients soon; I’m making mozzarella cheese!) earlier than expected.

Still no Black Unknown, but at least I was awake now. I opened up the first package to find the Skeletal Book (which will be tomorrow’s update) Swamp Version. I flipped through it soaking in all the stipply, skully goodness.

Finally… the doorbell rang one last time. I swooped down the stairs faster than a cheetah on meth to get to the door before the postman was kidnapped/robbed. He handed the box over and within seconds I had ripped it open and unbubblewrapped HSP #2.

Gorgeous. The picture I had seen didn’t do it justice. In-hand it’s amazing. Golds, greens and mauves. It’s a perfect compliment to my other recently snagged HSP.

Thanks again AyeJay for a solid hookup.

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