Headers: Rumble Monsters Hot Lava Mini Damnedron

I was filing away the headers for my newest acquisitions earlier today when I realized that one of my headers was a copy. The toy is legit, but the seller forgot to send me the header; when I emailed him a few weeks later, he quickly rushed it to me with an apology about his forgetfulness. I didn’t think much about it and filed it away.

But looking at it today, I realize it’s printed out onto card stock. Maybe he lost the hardcopy header but had it scanned?

That got me to thinking… maybe I should scan MY headers. Not to try to pass them off as the real thing, but to have them backed up on my macbook.

Tonight’s update is the Rumble Monsters Hot Lava Mini Damnedron’s header.  Mine is #24/52. The inside of the header is stamped with Pushead’s Siamese Frog skeleton rubber stamp.

I have a few more headers scanned, don’t know what frequency I’ll be updating them, but as always, check by as time permits.


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