Possessed to Skate

Conspiracy Decks

Like I said in the intro, I got into Pushead’s art because of skateboarding. I was lucky enough to be friends with the local skateshop owner, and was able to pick up the Zorlac decks with Pushead art at wholesale. Over the years I built up an impressive collection of unused decks.

This is the part of the story where you smack your forehead; when I moved from Florida to PA, I left the decks at my folk’s house. Like so many Star Wars toy collections before them, my skateboards were purged when my Mom needed extra space. I should have known what was up when she called and asked if I still skated.

For the sake of not giving myself an aneurism, I won’t list the decks I had…

There’s no way to rebuild the collection I had, but I still pick up a deck from time to time.

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