In the mid to late 1980s, I was a skater. My small town didn’t really know what to do with skaters, so they let us skate unrestricted as long as we didn’t cause too much trouble. Encouraged by the growing numbers of skaterboarders, our local newsstand started carrying TWS and Thrasher magazine.

Transworld seemed over-polished; a fashion magazine with skaters instead of models. But Thrasher…. man Thrasher made skating cool.

My parents encouraged me to skate, and for my birthday I was gifted with a Thrasher subscription. It was there that I first came into contact with the art of Pushead. Every month I’d wait to get my magazine just so I could flip right to his Puszone column. I quickly swapped my Powell/Peralta Tony Hawk deck for a Zorlac John Gibson board with art by Pushead. I bought Metallica singles for the artwork. Eventually, I gussied up the courage (hey, I was 12) to write him and tell him that I loved his columns and artwork.

Much to my surprise I received a package in the mail a few weeks after sending the letter. Stickers, posters, fliers and a letter from Pushead thanking me for my support. Over the next few years, the mailings would continue. Pusmort 45s, posters and more stickers would randomly show up in the mail.

As I grew older and stopped skating, I always kept up with new Pushead art and projects. My ex was getting into the “art toy” scene and while looking for a piece for her, I saw the Pushead KAWS Companion.  (Original Fake green version). Holy shit that thing was awesome! It was also going for $500. A bit much, but it started my search for more Pushead toys.

A few years later and I’ve amassed a humble collection (including the green companion that started it all) and finally, after 23 years of being a fan, was able to meet the man himself.  I’m starting this blog to photograph and share the items I own.

Thanks for looking.

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